currently in hot pursuit of her BFA in Graphic Design & Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design



RISD GD Senior Show 2021

Woah, are we...graduating?

Points of Inflections is based on the idea of this past year being a turning point in historical & cultural matters and in our personal lives. Therefore, the branding focuses on the way that we shape our paths and make connections (utilizing the physical manipulation of tape as a metaphor for this).

I was project manager for the show across all teams as well as part of branding team. 

Displayed at Woods Gerry Gallery from March 19–23 2021.

Visit︎︎︎ to read more and see an archive of the displayed works.

Custom Logotype

Large Format Poster (24x36”)

Small Format Tiled Posters (5.5 × 3.5")

Collateral—Catalogue/Poster (11 × 17")

Instagram Animation Promotion

Custom Hand-Screenprinted Tote Bag